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“Nutrition Lecture Series” with Eliza Gass!

“Nutrition Lecture Series” with Eliza Gass!
December 14, 2016 Spa Manager



What to look forward to in Eliza’s Nutrition Lectures: We are hosting this short mini-series as a way to introduce Eliza’s services to the  members and guest here at the Spa! To get to know her and her expertise, come see her Friday’s starting December 16th after her spin class! We are so lucky and excited to have her, don’t miss out on this special experience!

Starting: 12•16•2016

When: Fridays at 10:30 AM

Where: Located in the Spin Studio at the Spa at the Peaks

Each Lecture is as follows:

Detoxification: December 16th In order to achieve optimum health we must clear our bodies of the toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Does our diet have an impact on clearing toxins from the body?  Do ‘detox diets’ and juice cleanses really work?  Come learn about what nutrients and foods are important to keep your body toxin free.

Digestion:  December 23rd Many people deal with digestive system discomfort on a regular basis.  What are some reasons for this discomfort?  How do you know if your digestive system is healthy?  Come learn about how your digestive system works and what foods can promote optimal digestive health.

Debunking Popular Diets: December 30th   With the ever expanding and differing nutrition information available today it can be difficult to know what information is truthful and what is not.  Join as we explore some of the more popular fad diets, their scientific basis and pros as well as their cons.

Weight Loss: January 6th  Nutritional approaches to weight loss should be very individualized and dependent on personal eating patterns and preferences.  However, weight loss is ultimately achieved with the appropriate balance of calories consumed to calories burned.  Come learn about the biological process of losing weight as well as some tips and tricks to meeting your weight loss goals.

Inflammation: Jan 13th  The body’s inflammation response is critical in the healing process.  However, chronic inflammation has been linked to several disease states.  Does diet have an impact on inflammation in the body?  Come learn what foods you should be eating more of and which foods to avoid in order to promote optimal inflammation.


Fitness/Performance: Jan 20th  When it comes to the foods that we eat, a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely appropriate.  This is especially true when considering optimal nutrition for athletes.  How do your nutrient needs change as your activity level increases?  Come learn about how your diet can impact athletic performance and what nutrients are of top concern depending on the type of activity you partake in.


Supplements: Jan 27   There are thousands of supplements on the market that available for many conditions.  Supplements range in their effectiveness as well as safety.  Come learn what a dietitians’ take is on supplementation, which supplements are generally safe, and which should be avoided.

Heart Health:  Feb 3rd Heart disease is one of the most commonly occurring deadly diseases in The United States.  While you may know that proper nutrition can have a positive impact on heart disease development and outcomes, messages in the media on this topic have evolved in recent years and can be confusing.  Come learn about what a heart healthy diet looks like and how this diet leads to heart health.


Take advantage of this special opportunity ! Hope to see you there !