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Offering Asana Practice for all levels with Alisia !

Offering Asana Practice for all levels with Alisia !
March 6, 2017 Spa Manager

Refine, align and deepen your yoga practice through these 90-minute yoga classes every Monday in March!
• Week 1 Introduction and refinement to Sun Salutations
• Week 2 Deep Hip Openers
• Week 3 Standing Asana
• Week 4 Twist and Inversion

Each class will be a full spectrum with emphasis on building a strong foundation that you can take with you in any yoga class or begin your own practice. All asana will come from the ” Light on Yoga” book as they have taught to Alisia from her teacher Christina Sell. This series is perfect for those wanting to learn the basics of alignment, those who have a practice and want to refine and asana junkies. Please come to all 4 or drop in. Classes will include restorative poses for deep relaxation.