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Offering Acupuncture with Jay Holt from the LuvLight Team!

Offering Acupuncture with Jay Holt from the LuvLight Team!
January 30, 2017 Spa Manager


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In order for us to continue to go up and beyond expectations we must consistently strive for greatness !! With that be being we are very excited to announce that we at the Spa are now offering acupuncture with Jay Holt from the LuvLIGHT TEAM !!


About LuvLight

” Jane Del Piero & Jay Holt are Licensed Acupuncturists, Massage therapists & Herbalists and Sound therapists, Jane is a certified Nutritionist & Western clinical herbalist. Both Jane and Jay have studied extensively with different healers and shamans and have been guided by their teachers to share this wisdom. LuvLight Alternative Health manifested in the loving memory of Miss Beatrice Waight, Jerry Garcia, Mikey “Panic” Houser, David “Mac” Del Piero, Dr. Bob Haley, Patrick “Coyote” McHaffee and so many more. Turn on your love light. Light up your life with us. “


Their Mission

“LuvLight practitioners mission is support you by providing a sacred vessel for you to explore your evolutionary soul path and a deepening connection to yourself. When we bridge the outer world and our inner world we unlimited access to transformation and illumination of your souls light and love. We will teach you simple and effective tools that support you in transforming your unwanted experiences in to treasured gifts.

We are part of something special and when we are allowed to align with our inner wisdom we can truly nourish our souls. We are all the true creators of our own worlds and in all retreats we will use various healing techniques to support and accelerate your growth in a transformative direction.”

What is Acupuncture?

An ancient Chinese form of medicine, where needles are used to administer and reinstate the flow of Chi : Qi (Chee) through the meridian of the body!


Why Acupuncture?

To release physical blocks, administer healing, pain management, relaxation,  reinforce bliss and balance back into your life.


Be sure to set up an appointment with Jay to uncover the truly powerful effects of acupuncture!!


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Learn more about him and his practice with Jane at !