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Now Offering Hypnotherapy with Gayle Worth !

Now Offering Hypnotherapy with Gayle Worth !
January 25, 2017 Spa Manager
Spa at the peaks is so very pleased and excited to introduce, Gayle R Worth • NLP Clinical Hypnotherapist services at the SPA! 
 “Hypnosis can inspire one to heal themselves”

Why Hypnosis?

“Your answer to the “permante fix”

Hypnosis is a natural, normal state of selectively focused consciousness facilitated by the client guided by the hypnotherapeutic practitioner. Although hypnosis is very natural and has been around forever, it remains a fascinating phenomenon of the human mind. Our ability to allow for this idiosyncratic state of consciousness to occur creates countless possibilities for facilitating self-exploration, healing, and change. This very special and nearly ancient practice has been used in many cultures for many purposes. As we allow for this utterly relaxed state we can begin to utilize more aspects of our brain via our thoughts, talents, and subconscious mind in ways that are not easily available to us. Enabling us to change our beliefs, thoughts, habits and other undesired behaviors. Within these focused states of consciousness, one can create instant change that occurs automatically, changes that we can not make in our ordinary state of mind. Hypnosis has been used to help heal physical and emotional traumas, such as depression, anxiety, stress, habit disorders, pain as well as weight loss, to name a few. Hypnotherapy is an amazing therapeutic tool that can be used to help many problems. A huge catalyst for change, it is a safe and natural state of consciousness that allows us to connect to the subconscious mind in total relaxation.

What is hypnotherapy used for?

• Stress and Anxiety
• Depression
• Overcoming Addictions
• Pain Management
• Overcoming Fears and Phobias
• Weight Loss
• Surgery Preparation
• Goal Achievement
• Personal Problems
• Spiritual Connection
• Past Life Regression
• Staying present
• and more
She mentions that anywhere from 6-7 sessions can really begin to facilitate change in the patient.
“All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis”
 Gayle started receiving Hypnotherapy at a young age, and it truly changed her life. Her influences include Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, Linda Bennett, her mentor and other mentors from the SWIHA Organization. Gayle became certified in Hypnotherapy in February 2012 years with SWIHA under Linda Bennett.