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What’s New at the Spa this Winter !

What’s New at the Spa this Winter !
December 6, 2016 Spa Manager


As we continue to evolve as a resort in our amazing community, we have much to be grateful for:
Above all, our new Spa Director, Todd Shaw and Spa Manager, Stacey Prejean! Together they have created a new and truly unique experience for the guest and members to enjoy!
Todd and Stacey have made sure that the Peaks Spa and fitness can stand out in the winter glory, “In order to be the best we must have the best”



It is our pleasure to introduce a few new components that we have added for this winter season;
First off, stay connected in the know with the latest and greatest with our new Spa Blog! Offering gym techniques, food for thought, relaxation / wellness cues + suggestions with weekly updates on classes and offerings at the Gym and Spa !




New Classes to look forward to in fitness: Kaiut Yoga, Master’s Swim Class, Barre Plus, Nutrition and more!

  • Introducing Kaiut Yoga with one of our newest instructors, Yvonne Mosser, a master in Kaiut Yoga! Yvonne has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and is one of the only Kauit specialists in the area! This very specific style of yoga was invented by Brazilian Master Yogi, Francisco Kauit. He developed this method of yoga without traditional poses, initially as a young child. His journey of truly manifesting this unique style of yoga came from a traumatic injury disabling him from the use of his hip. Over time, Kauit was able to fully heal himself with his method, creating what it is today. The Kaiut Yoga method consists of prolonged movements that work to preserve the body. In this style of yoga, the student is actually eliminating blockages thereby creating conditions for the manifestation of their energy and body potential. A perfect way to prevent injury and revive the body after a long day on the hill. We couldn’t be happier to have Yvonne here at the peaks! You can experience Yvonne’s classes on Monday and Thursday @ 5:30pm. Arrive early her classes fill up!
    We will also be hosting an apre; yoga, stretch, and ski conditioning check our fitnessschedule or at MINDBODY.


  • Finally, incorporating more BARRE classes with a spin, no pun intended! With Frannie Aura and one of our newest instructors, Ellen Bator! We are very pleased to have Ellen on board. Ellen will also be teaching Barre Plus, Barre Cycle and more! With our new Barre Studio, located on Fitness Level B right next to our Yoga and new Pilates studio. What was that, new pilates studio? That’s Right ! Our new Pilates Studio looking fresh and better than ever ! Book your private today with one of our master pilates instructors!


  • Feeling Splashy ?
    Introducing “Master’s swim Class” Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 4:30 with Ellen Bator and Water aerobics @ noon with Laura DePalma !!


  • Looking for the ultimate challenge at the Gym?
    Welcome to the “Ultimate • WOW • Challenge” board!! We’ll have a new whiteboard installed with the “workout of the week” challenges! Each week you can write your name on our board, keep track of your workout goals/achievements, invite other members and document your progress together over the winter. With New Years right around the corner, this is the perfect way to keep track of your strength conditioning, just by challenging yourself with a few extra reps to each workout you can really excel with your fitness regime this winter season!


  • The Spa at The Peaks will soon be offering nutrition services with Eliza Gass! Eliza is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) who grew up in the beautiful San Juan Mountains. She has a BA in Exercise & Sports Science, an MS in Food Science and Human Nutrition, is an ACE certified personal trainer, and is credentialed by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to practice nutrition. She encourages a realistic and healthy relationship with food that promotes health inside and out. To promote her services The Spa at the Peaks will be launching a nutrition class series in which members will be given the opportunity to learn about popular nutrition topics in a discussion-lecture setting, come take advantage of this unique opportunity! Eliza’s 8-week Nutrition Lecture series will be starting December 16th and be hosted Fridays at 10:30 AM at the Spin studio after her spin class! We are so pleased to have her and her services here!




Last but not least! Our new Juice and smoothie bar! Be sure to stop by “The Bean Cafe” before or after your workout to revive and reprise with freshly blended or juiced fruits and greens (Located From Spa Entrance, just after the spa, before the main lobby of the resort)
Looking forward to a fresh new season offering a ton of new components to keep everyone happy, healthy and smiling Hope to see you at the Spa or on the hill !!
Happy Powder!!
Namaste’ and have a great day!