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Meet Our Fitness Team!

Meet Our Fitness Team!
January 15, 2017 Spa Manager




As a  strength and conditioning coach since 1978, Coach has trained athletes at many levels and in many disciplines for recreational, competition, and sporting objectives:

*   Professional member of National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) since 1978
*   As a team member, developed the Parks and Recreation District for Clear Creek County, Co, 1985
*   High school football/weight-lifting/basketball/track/volleyball/wrestling/soccer&strength and conditioning coach 1987-2013
*   High School Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year, metro league, 1988, 1989, 1996, 1997
*   Developed first personal training program for the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District, 1988
*   Created first youth basketball league for Evergreen Parks and Recreation District, 1988
*   Created the Coach Miller Youth Football Camp in 1996 for the Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District
*   Asst. coach for Hotchkiss and Olathe football programs 2008-2010
*   Strength and fitness consultant for the Delta Rec Center 2007-2010
*   Developed strength and conditioning program for 2010 state football champions, Cedaredge HS
*   Telluride Adaptive (TASP) instructor 2009-2010
*   Development of a  2009 ski conditioning program for TASP instructors in Telluride, co.
*   Strength and conditioning coach and assistant coach for Ridgway basketball 2011-2013
*   Designed and implemented Wellness and Fitness program for Telski in 2013
*   2014-2016 Wellness Advisor to Telski employees.
*   Authored fitness articles for local newspapers in Idaho Springs, Delta, & Telluride, Co. since 1990
*   2010 to present fitness consultant and group instructor for Peaks ski and golf conditioning

Coach Miller has dedicated his life to promoting athletics for youths and adults. He also leads by example as an athlete and avid fitness enthusiast. His philosophy on health and fitness as a lifestyle is simple – “Just do it because you love it!”



David Nepsky is a two-time World Champion Martial Artist and a Certified Second Degree Black Belt in the eclectic system of American Kenpo Karate. David has been studying Martial Arts for the past 25 years and is fluent in Self Defense, Fighting Techniques, Point Sparring, Traditional, and Experimental Forms. David is also a skilled acrobat and a longtime Telluride native. David graduated from Telluride High School where he was the High School Mascot– “THE MINER”— and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema-Television from The University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts (USC) where he was also a member of the Competitive Cheerleading Squad. David has a passion for well-rounded fitness and welcomes people of all abilities and levels to his classes.


Having always been attracted to a healthy and active lifestyle, it was a perfect fit for Kalli to decide to study and major in Kinesiology (the study of human movement).  Kalli’s first exposure to Pilates was while taking ballet at the University of Colorado.  Instantly intrigued by the differences of the concepts taught in the whole body experience, from “traditional” fitness regimens, she was hooked.   After receiving her degree in Kinesiology, she went on to earn her Pilates teacher certification in 1995 at The Pilates Center in Boulder, a studio committed to the original classical method of Joseph Pilates teachings.  With her knowledge in the study of human movement and over 20 years of teaching and continuing education experience, she finds Pilates to be a total mind/body therapy achieved through creative expression and application of the exercises.  Kalli is happy to be teaching Pilates in Telluride where she grew up from the age of 10.


Ellen has been coaching competitive swimming and teaching swim lessons for the last 15 years.  Some of her experience includes coaching at The University of Chicago for 3 years where she won the 2009-2010 UAA Women’s Swimming Coaching Staff of the Year award.  Ellen then went on to coach for the Italian Olympic Committee Youth Games for 2 years and was Head Swimming Coach for the Irving Park YMCA in Chicago.  In 2012, Ellen moved to Boulder, CO where she coached for Flatiron Swimming, taught private swim lessons and also coached Masters Swimming for Flatiron Athletic Club.  Ellen enjoys coaching elite athletes but also loves to teach beginners of all ages.  Over the years she has developed her own method of instruction that allows new swimmers to learn efficient and proper technique right away.  Her certifications include College Swim Coaches Association of America Coaches Education Certification, USA Swim Coaches Certification, Red Cross WSI, and Swim Coaches Safety Training Certification.  Ellen also has a Masters Degree in Sports Administration from Northwestern University.  In addition to her passion for teaching swimming, Ellen loves to dance, teach dance and Zumba.


Influenced by her teachers, peers, environment and her travels Leanne brings a unique sense of empowerment to each of her classes. She believes the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one and one that should be nurtured and inspired. In her classes she is a firm believer that when you step on your mat it is YOUR practice, encouraging the freedom to move in ways you wish.  Through intention, meditation, yoga Nidra, pranayama and asana her goal is to have students leave feeling refreshed and renewed.  Her classes are always challenging physically and mentally, delivered in English and Sanskrit with uplifting music, including demonstrations and hands-on assistance. Every Class ends with Yoga Nidra allowing the mind and physical body to completely surrender. She teaches her classes from her heart creating an uplifting, safe environment for students to begin to explore and expand their own body and consciousness. She aim’s to live a yogic lifestyle and lead her classes in a way that reflects that choice.  Certified all levels, 200 hour Yoga Alliance


Kat is Pilates Certified through Balanced Body University December 2016.  She has trained 4 years with a classical Pilates instructor and 12 years with a Stott and Balanced Body instructor. Kat is certified in Vinyasa, Hatha, and currently training in Kaiut Yoga. Kat is a Certified Massage Therapist for 21 years.  She specializes in fascia and fascial release to bring the body back into balance.

Kat believes that practicing Pilates and Yoga is extremely important.  She credits Pilates and Yoga for keeping her at a high level of fitness.  Pilates and Yoga have helped her recover from many injuries and allows her to enjoy climbing, biking, and skiing.


Alisia has been practicing massage therapy since 1998, graduated from the Guild of Structural Integration where she studied Rolfing in 2002 and has been practicing bodywork ever since. In 2010 she began her Pilates studies with Anette Petit through Balanced Body University and completed a 500-hour certification. After recovering from major illness in 2012 Alisia wanted to deepen her practice and explored the healing abilities of Yoga, and is now certified to teach Vinyasa Yoga. Alisia’s passion is to facilitate her clients healing process and strength conditioning goals through Pilates, Yoga and Integrative massage. Alisia’s approaches all of her sessions with alignment as the basis, mindfulness as the intention and freedom as the overall goal.  Her personal passion is mountain biking, skiing, trail running, practicing Yoga and cross training with Pilates.  Alisia is the mother of two young boys.  Her Family has lived in the San Juan Mountains since the 1890’s and she enjoys spending time with her extended family in the area.  Her Philosophy:  Every individual should be honored for where they are at, but strive to be the healthiest that they can be. With small changes, we can begin to free our restrictions and find freedom within.



Regan has Master’s degree in Communication Arts, a 700-hour diploma in somatic bodywork, a 200-hour yoga certificate from Saul David Raye, and a certificate in PranaKriya Prenatal Yoga. Regan believes in living yoga — that yoga is about much more than what happens on the mat. She has studied in India and continues to deepen her practice through retreating with Baba Ram Dass twice a year on Maui the last several years. In addition to teaching yoga, Regan is a writer, labor doula, and mother.

DEBBIE MADARIS ” Strength Conditioning,  Spinning, Zumba, Yoga, Step, CrossFit, Mat Pilates,  and Interval Training”

Debbie has been in the fitness industry since the 1980’s and has had the opportunity to learn many different aspects in the field. She earned a degree in Physical Education and a Master’s in Education.  Over the years she has taught Strength Conditioning,  Spinning, Zumba, Yoga, Step, CrossFit, Mat Pilates,  and Interval Training, to name a few.

The fitness program at The Peaks Resort has been her home base for the past 13 years.



Eliza grew up in the Telluride area, she has taught fitness classes at The Peaks in previous years, and has returned to share her cycling enthusiasm in an hour long, upbeat spinning class.  She is not only a spinning instructor but also a certified personal trainer and registered dietitian nutritionist.  Join her after her class for an educational nutrition lecture.


Bob is a Personal Trainer specializing in training for strength and functional fitness. He enjoy’s pushing clients to be their best by setting an example. “I practice what I preach, and I expect my clients to follow suit”. Obtaining physical fitness is not an easy task but is a worthwhile goal. Health and well-being are at the foundation of everything we do. It takes personal integrity, discipline, and dedication to stick with a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, we experience barriers and obstacles that prevent us from reaching our desired goal. Let him help you get over and through those barriers and obstacles, and “together we can reach those goals that have eluded you”.


Frannie grew up in the fitness world- her mother owned a studio and got her first certification when she was 16.  She continued to teach aerobics, sculpt and step for a decade and decided to create a cardio barre workout after the birth of my child. She received the certification through Annette Petit. She was certified to teach spin in 2014.


Josh has recently moved back to Colorado after spending nine years in Los Angeles excelling as a personal trainer, both at the corporate level and as a private personal trainer in the entertainment industry. He spent his teenage years to his late 20s living in Durango Colorado enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. While maintaining a busy schedule as an environmental biology major at Fort Lewis College, he always made time to stay fit. “I’ve had a passion for fitness for as long as I can remember and have thoroughly enjoyed assisting clients to reach their fitness potential and goals”. He specializes in building strength, lean muscle, and losing fat. Looking forward to helping people reach a healthier lifestyle! His motto is “strong body strong mind!”



From the beaches of Laguna growing up in the warm sand to the Glorious Mountains of Telluride, eventually graduating high school from Telluride High. Chanel began practicing yoga the age of 15,  as a “stubborn” cross country runner that refused to stretch. Hot Yoga was brought to her attention as a very invigorating way to practice. Through her journey as a young Yogi, she was able to develop an awareness that was undeniable, so much that her life in Laguna no longer served her and she began her new means of connection to herself and others in Telluride Colorado. Uncovering the true meaning of sacred, unraveling her humility and patients, Yoga gave Chanel new means of “growing….up”. This practice of personal exploration provided her with a sense of approval, that authenticity is the best policy “ that we are perfectly imperfect as human beings, and that is perfect just the way we are”.  To say the least, that is very present in her style of teaching today. Just like no one human is the same, no one class is the same. Becoming a yoga teacher was always a dream for Chanel and by the grace of the divine, she became one through the humility of a close mentor and friend that gifted her a 200hr teacher training in heated vinyasa. Through this generous offering, Chanel is determined to give back tenfold with the intentions of love, compassion, and service for the greater good! “I feel Honored and blessed to have yoga in my life then and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with you NOW. I never thought that I would be given the chance to instruct for a living, let alone teaching and sharing my love for this practice with you, nothing makes life sweeter.” Chanel has been teaching for over 4 years and teaches many different styles now, From Yin to Restorative, to her own creation of Yin Yang Flow and beyond. There are no limits to her teachings. She is also a Madd Dog Athletics certified Spinning Instructor!