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Up close, Todd Shaw and Stacey Prejean

Up close, Todd Shaw and Stacey Prejean
January 3, 2017 Spa Manager


Change is among us! In the greatest way, the most prominent addition to our spa and fitness, new Spa Director, Todd Shaw and Spa Manager, Stacey Prejean. They have worked together to make the experience here at the spa, something to remember.  We couldn’t be happier to have their expertise with us, and within the last few months, the two of them have implemented great change. While listening to the request of the members and guests, as well as their extensive experience with Spa and leadership, we are a sure win to stand out and have an ever evolving growth pattern in success.




“In order to be the best we must have and provide the best”

Nothing falls short of that as we see all the new elements that Spa Director, Todd Shaw, has provided as a must for our new Spa Design and standard. From new fitness providers and classes to the new therapist like hypnotherapy, nutrition, chiropractics and acupuncture to name a few. While we have that of the best providers and workers in our town we aim to provide new concepts and services that all help create the evolution of great success and expansion in this competitive spa industry. Not to mention his ever positive and low-key demeanor, it’s like he’s another one of us,  aspiring for new means and better standards. Todd’s Global Spa and Fitness Operations leadership development have been executed in world class Multi-site resorts, cruise lines, and membership organizations. His dedication to the wellness world is a sure “fit” (no pun intended) for us here at The Peaks Spa.

Todd’s exceptional background of team leadership, international expansion, and 5-star guest experience, give us the ability to provide gold standards in operations and customer service in unimaginable ways.  His success in spearheading employee culture changes to deliver service quality excellence, that of a Ritz-Carlton, give us a great opportunity to diversify our ethics and moral model principles. Todd’s accountable oversite of teams 70+ consisting of managers, team members, and contractors has provided sufficient employee culture changes that of attracting top talent and expertise in all avenues of the Spa. His countless success stories of redefining gold quality standards with resorts much like our own, give us a sure feel that great positive change is among us. Not to mention his choice of second in command, Stacey Prejean!




“Here at The Peaks Spa, together we challenge the norm, break free from the old mindset, and push the limits to exceed all expectations as an overall business model.  We strive to be the best at what we contribute and staff ourselves with exceptional service providers to accomplish that goal.” ~ Stacey Prejean

Stacey Prejean our Spa Manager says:

“Leadership • Empowerment • Wellness • Daily Balance”

Are key attributes to being second in command at the largest spa in Colorado.  Operations and business management are Stacey’s dedication while being a nurturing leader for the team here at The Peaks Spa is a top priority for her.  “We are very much a family that supports individual growth within this organization and beyond.  I value each and every one of our team members, it’s immeasurable and critically important to the well-being of this industry.  Without substance and mindfulness of all aspects, we would not be able to sustain the boutique feel in this large resort environment and be as effective as we need to maintain success”. “We are only as good as those working for us” is what Stacey reminds herself of daily.

Stacey is a member of the International Spa Association, 20+years management experience along with her entrepreneurial business mindset and maintaining an Interior Design Co., Estates & Antiquities Co. & Antique Appraisals, she has a passion and drive for never being idle, never allowing herself to become stagnant. While working is a great “diversion” for Stacey, as she calls it, being surrounded by positivity and her close friends and family, keeps the good energy flowing.


“Telluride is not just a resort destination, it’s a wonderful close knit community and a purpose for those of us that don’t want to settle in life, it challenges us to want more, do more, and be more. The mountains have always been calling me and I’m grateful I took notice and listened”


Stacey has an open door policy, you’ll see, stop in, introduce yourself to her at her A level office past the fitness area, that is if she doesn’t beat you to the punch with the introduction! While in her office you’ll see her personal touch of mementos with photos on her walls of our team past and present, a bit of a tribute wall I’d call it, because she genuinely cares about people, she is protective of our team and culture.


I must say… it is a rarity to see this personal attention given in such a large corporate environment as ours, but you’ll learn quickly, it’s all very personal to Todd and Stacey… and for that, we are grateful we have them as head of our team. At the very least their positive workflow has certainly changed the energy surrounding the spa. The change most of us have all been seeking and waiting for. Stacey’s attention to detail shines through and while working alongside Todd’s dedication and devotion to be the best, this duo is working tirelessly to elevate The Peaks Spa to a new unseen level, being nothing short of exceptional. For example, their delicate hands on approach is a simple as having a shaman come to smudge and bless the energy of the spa. Redefining this Resort Spa, from our Mindset, business body to the very energy and spirit the spa has and provides. Sounds a lot like a balanced “Yoga or Yoke” of Mind Body and Spirit by means of change and success.   Todd and Stacey are known to have said time and time again “WE WILL BE the finest wellness destination in the world”, and you know what? I have no doubt these two will achieve that. With their shared vision, combined expertise and ever-evolving potential, we have an unstoppable combo. Don’t believe us, come see for yourself!